Solid oak tables

We offer you a bit of nostalgia to bring into your home, with our beautiful, solid oak tables. These tables bring an immediate ambiance, because of their natural rustic look. These tables will transform your house into a mansion and will age graciously due to their timeless beauty which will improve with age, just like our oak floors!

Our rustic solid oak tables:

  • Are all unique pieces, because they are manufactured by the best carpenters.
  • Are exact replicas of the so-called French Campagne tables.
  • All have their own personal unique rustic look, which compliments both classical and modern interiors.
  • Are made out of 100% French solid oak wood. Even their drawers are handmade of solid oak.
  • Are a perfect combination with our solid oak floors as these floors complement our hardwood tables.
  • Are accommodated with table tops that are practically free of maintenance, because of their top-grade finishes. This way the table will be less vulnerable, even during intensive usage.
  • Are appropriate for private use as well as for business purposes (offices, hotels, restaurants etc.).
  • Are delivered from stock
  • Or can be custom made: we can manufacture a table in accordance with the measurements and finishe you prefer. The table can be adapted entirely to your personal taste! 


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FAQ Tables

  • Are our tables made out of 100% solid oak?
    Our tables are also made out of 100% solid French oak.
  • Can I order a table compliant to my wishes?
    Our tables can be ordered directly from stock or they can be made completely compliant to your wishes. For example, you can choose which table legs you like most, which colour suits your interior  the best or perhaps you would like to choose a more or less rustic table top. The table can be adapted entirely to your personal taste!
  • How do I order a table?
    You can order by email or by telephone.
  • Is it possible to pick up a table from your current collection or is it possible to deliver the chosen table?
    You can either pick up your table at our warehouse or we can deliver your table worldwide against strongly competitive rates. You can easily arrange this by telephone or email. 
  • Which models are available?
    You can find the items we have in stock on our website under “Prices tables”.
  • Are the tables easy to maintain?
    Our tables are provided with a table top that is almost free of maintenance, because of their durable finish.  This way the table will be less susceptible to any kind of damage. Even during intensive use most of the damage will be prevented.
  • Are the tables water- and stain resistant?
    The finishes we use for our tables are extremely dirt- and water resistant.
  • Do the tables match any interior?
    Our tables match a modern as well as a classical interior. Feel free to contact our interior designer for some made to measure advice.
  • Is it possible to order a table top only?
    You can have a table top only made entirely to your taste and preferences.
  • Can I have my table made more or even less rustic?
    You can have your table made as rustic or as little rustic as possible.
  • Which colors can I choose for my table?
    Our regular colors are on our website under “Prices tables”. However, you can also give us a sample of the color you desire.
  • How long does it take to customize a table?
    This will take approximately six weeks.

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