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Our oak floorboards consist of untreated boards manufactured from 100% solid, premium quality, French oak (our solid oak boards) or a 3mm thick solid oak layer (our engineered boards), which allows you to easily install a beautiful floor to your own taste. Our floors are very durable and can easily survive in your home for hundreds of years, provided that they are treated properly.

An oak floor is best installed according to the floating method: simply clicking the floorboards together without the use of any glue makes the replacement of floor boards when damaged (for example water damage or distress)an easy job. It also limits warping and bowing due to a proper fixation with steel clips on the sides which also enables you to correct the floor without any fuss.



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Installing the easy way

Installing your floor the floating way isn’t difficult at all, which makes it easy for you to install your floor all by yourself. Of course your floor can also be installed by one of our free lance professionals. Check our installation guide here or contact us when you have any installation issues.

The floor can easily be installed on a wooden underlayment, on slatted panels or beams or even on concrete and can also be combined with floor heating. An oak floor is suitable for practically every house and every room. Of course we can provide you with our personal advice at our showroom in Hoensbroek.



Premium quality

Our floor boards are mostly rustic, which means that everything that was once given to the tree by mother nature reflects in the floor. Some boards contain healthy knots and some show colour differences, hart and sapwood. All of these imperfections grand our floors their uniqueness.

Of course, our floors are available in various looks. You can order a very rustic floor, a regular rustic floor, but we also have a less rustic superior-collection, which can be divided in less rustic and nearly flawless. Check out our products listed below.

Most of our floorboards have been pre-filled and sanded. This means that the knots have already been filled with wood filler and that the boards have been sanded properly, which enables you to immediately start using a surface treatment on your floor after installation. Our superior selections have been sanded twice, which makes the boards very smooth.

New item in store now: CASTLE - solid oak - extra rustic selection

Our extra rustic oak floor boards - CASTLE - have been selected especially for you to create an extremely rustic look, which means that virtually everything reflects in the boards that was once given to the tree by mother nature. In comparison to our regular rustic boards, these boards all contain lots of healthy knots and extremer colour differences, more hart- and sapwood. These features will turn your floor into a unique base within your interior.

The CASTLE-boards are pre-filled and sanded, which means that all knots have been professionally filled in the right shade and all boards have a smoothly planed surface: ready to be installed without any hassle!



Available sizes

The floorboards are available in three thicknesses: 10mm, 15mm or 20mm. With a 20mm thick floorboard you have the advantage that it is thick enough to easily choose a wider board (up to ca. 22mm). The 15mm thick floorboards tend to bend quicker when they are wider. 

20mm thick

Furthermore, because of their thickness the 20mm thick boards are recommended for living areas, offices, bars and restaurants, showrooms, dance floors etc., since this is where the floor usage is higher and the floor obviously has to be more sustainable. Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

You can order the floorboards in one width only or in combination with one or more widths.

The floorboards have variable lengths per package, ranging from 60cm up to about 220cm. Of course, you will mainly receive long floorboards. The general rule is that the more rustic your floor is, the longer the floor boards will be.

15mm thick or 10mm thick

If you don’t have the possibility to install a 20mm thick floor (by example insufficient height or too much height deviation with adjacent flooring), the 10mm/15mm thick floor is a fairly good alternative. Our advice is to choose a more narrow floor (a maximum of 18cm wide for the 15mm floor and 120mm for the 10mm floor). Wide floorboards are more likely to bend, because the wood is 5mm thinner than the average 20mm thick floor. Therefore, this floor is mostly installed in bedrooms or attics. The usage there is much less. When you prefer a wide floor in 15mm thick, we advice you to take an engineered oak floor.

The 15mm thick floor is often chosen from a financial point of view. However, we often have special offers on our 20mm thick floors, so that you don’t have to make any concessions. Feel free to ask about the possibilities or take a look at our website to check our latest price.





The boards

  • Are tongue and grooved on ends and sides.
  • Also have small tensions grooves on the bottom
  • Have a smoothly planed surface
  • Have a very narrow V-groove on the length sides only
  • Always have an untreated surface



Our floor boards have an untreated surface. This enables you to colour the floor exactly the way you want. It also gives you the opportunity the chose a premium quality finish to enrich your floor with an eco-friendly, but most of all sustainable product to guarantee a beautiful, natural look. Hardwood flooring is a very durable product, however it needs a proper finish in order to protect it from stains, damage, distress and moisture penetration. We offer a wide range of both easy to apply and sustainable surface finishes from the a-brand Blue Dolphin. Check out all the possibilities.


We have over 30.000 square metres of floor boards in stock, so that your desired floorboards are usually in stock, even in various widths. However, our advice is to let us know in time when you will be needing your order, so we can check our system to see if your floor is available.
When your floor is in stock it is usually possible to pick up the floor in the same week. Shipping can also be arranged within very short notice. Feel free to contact us for more information.

If you want to browse around, our showroom is always open on Thursday (10-18), Friday (10-18) and Saturday (10-17). We advise you to visit us an hour prior to closing time, so that we have enough time to advise you.

When you wish to take the floor with you, we advise you to visit us at least two hours prior to closing time. Our storehouse employees will gladly help you to load your order! Check our shipping & pick-up terms

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