Floor heating


Should you have floor heating in your house, you can still instal a solid oak floor. However, the proper choice of measurements and the right way of installing are of great importance.With floor heating it is preferable to choose a 20mm thick floor. Floor heating, other than a regular heating system with radiators, keeps the heat on a constant temperature. This heat has to pass a layer of concrete and wood first, before being able to heat up the room.

Admittedly, a 20mm thick floor is thicker than a 15mm thick floor, which causes it to take a little longer before the heat actually comes through. However, after a while the heat passes the under floor and floor boards perfectly.

The advantage is that a 20mm thick floor doesn’t bend as easily as a 15mm thick floor when the heat comes reaches the floor.

It is considered best to choose a floor which is no wider than 18cm (of course, with a thickness of 20mm!!!) to prevent it from bending. A wider floor is doable, but the risk of bending increases with every centimetre.

The best way to install your floor in combination with floor heating is in accordance with the floating system (ask for our installation guide) which allows the floor to move optimally. Due to the heat that comes through, the floor might move a bit more than usual.

When installing your floor according to this system, you make an gap between the wall and the floorboards. This gap allows the floor to move, but there is still tension on the floor because of the steel clips which are placed inside the gap.




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