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The perfect finish for wood flooring

barefoot-938437Our floorboards are (mostly) untreated. This way you can colour your floor exactly the way you want. We recommend to use a colour oil combined with a hardwaxoil-finish to colour and protect your hardwood floor to keep it as natural looking as possible, while still protecting it optimally. Of course, we offer a wide range of colours and shades to provide you with the colour you desire. You can easily apply the colour oil and hardwax oil yourself. It's up to you whether you want to finish off the second layer with a matt or semi-gloss coating. Claim your free colour sample online or in-store.

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Hardwax oil

A hardwax oil is a colourless finish, based on an oil and wax combination. We sell the renowned brand amongst professionals: Blue Dolphin, exclusively available in parquet stores throughout Europe. Due to its long lasting-formula Blue Dolphin is harder than the average hardwax oil you purchase at your DIY-store, which makes the surface more sustainable and water- and wear-resistant.

The oil deeply penetrates the wood and the wax ensures an optimal protection. Because the hardwax oil consists of organic oils and waxes the wood keeps its natural appearance. The hardwax oil is based on an open pore structure which makes it extremely water-repellent. The hardwax oil is available in a both matt and semi-gloss coating.

Our plain hardwaxoil is colourless, available in matt or semi-gloss and is considered to be the easiest to apply and maintain. This hardwax oil is eco-friendly and harmless for humans and animals (after it has dried!). Blue Dolphin hardwax oil is even approved to apply on wooden children’s toys.

You can either treat your floor with a natural looking, colourless hardwaxoil in a mat or semi-gloss coating or you can apply a colour oil to your floor first. Both are available from our brand Blue Dolphin. After both colour oil and hardwax oil a second layer of hardwax oil (in either matt or semi-gloss) is recommended in order to optimally protect the floor from stains, scratches, fading and aging. We recommend a third layer of hardwaxoil on kitchenfloors, utilityrooms, showrooms etc. as the usage is more intense in these areas.

Colour oil - Smoked base oil - All natural

We offer a wide range of gorgeous, natural looking colour oils to apply to your floor.
We also offer a collection of smoked- and black colour oils. This enables you to provide your floor with a stunning smoked base. The smoked oils provide the boards with a tonal variation plus veining within the individual boards. Smoking refers to the oxidation and ageing process of oak, where the boards are fumed for a few days with ammonia vapour. This vapour chemically reacts with the tannin in the oak and causes it to deepen in colour to a level that the oak would otherwise reach naturally over the course of 20 years. This, however is a very unhealthy process as a lot of chemicals are being used. You can do it yourself the easy way, by applying our harmless, eco-friendly smoked colour oil, which is guaranteed to give you the same result as using ammonia.
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How to apply a colour oil:
The surface has to be dry and cleared from excess dirt, grease, stains and old layers of wax, lacquer or oil in case you are treating an existing floor which has been sanded down. Don’t clean any untreated wood with water, a damp cloth or any other liquids. The stains might penetrate deep into the wood, after which you will have to sand the floor down (again).

  • Both our hardwaxoil and colour oil are ready to use
  • Apply a thin and even layer of colour oil with an suitable brush that consists of natural hair. Polish and even out any excess oil with a cotton, lint-free cloth. Once the entire floor is dyed in a completely even colour, you can leave it to dry for approximately 24 hours. Make sure the area is properly ventilated.
  • After 24 hours you can apply the second layer of hardwaxoil, very thinly. Leave it to dry for another 24 hours. Make sure the area is properly ventilated again.
  • We advise you to make a colour sample first!

The floor needs approximately 14 days to become completely cured. Make sure you handle the floor with care during these two weeks.

We advise you not to wait too long before applying an after treatment such as a maintenance wax or another layer of hardwaxoil on your kitchen, bathroom, utilityroom or intensely used floor, due to the intensity or usage and the exposure to water. This will prolong the lifespan of your surface treatment and it will protect the floorboards sufficiently.

You can also use our hardwaxoil to treat your kitchen counter top or all hardwood furniture. Just apply two thin layers of hardwaxoil and leave it to dry.

!!!We urge you to make a sample first, since the colour might differ from the results you have seen on our oakwood! Hardwood of a random kind usually becomes one or two shades darker after the application of a hardwaxoil!!!


A floor treated with Blue Dolphin Hardwax oil is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is keep the floor dust-free with a Swiffer or any other kind of dusting cloth, or use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment for wooden flooring.

  • Multicleaner

For your weekly cleaning, damply (not wet) mop the floor with our Multicleaner: a highly concentrated cleanser. It can be used on all surfaces treated with Blue Dolphin hardwaxoils.

  • Fix and Fill

For your monthly cleaning and maintenance use our Fix and fill: a concentrated cleanser and maintenance substance for flooring finished with hardwax oil. Fix and fill is soluble in water and makes the surface clean and fresh. It has a filling effect and when used regularly (monthly) the surface will be protected against new dust and abrasion (also suitable for machinery cleansing).

  • Maintenance wax

Depending on the usage intensity, clean and thinly polish the floor with Blue Dolphin maintenancewax about twice a year. This extends the lifespan of the hardwax oil with about 25 to 30%. You can remove aggressive stains by putting a little maintenance wax on a cloth and simply rub the stain.

After treatment

After a while some scratches and aging spots may occur. You can then recover your floor with a colourless, transparent hardwax oil. Thoroughly clean the scratch and locally apply a little hardwaxoil with a cloth and gently rub it in. Leave the spot to dry overnight and the damage will be repaired. You will only have to treat the damaged part, so your floor does not need to be polished and treated completely.

However, it is always advisable to use felt pads underneath all chair legs, to prevent scratches and scrapes when moving your furniture.

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