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Being totally at ease in your own, domestic environment: Peace, warmth and serenity... These are the aspects that are so important in today's hectic society. Enjoying your own home starts at Oakfloorboards.nl.

We bring you the most beautiful, solid oak parquet floors made out of 100% French solid oak and unique, solid oak tables with a rustic touch. This way you can bring nature right into your own home!


                                                          Solid oak flooring - Best quality







               '...And your heart beats so slow, through the rain and falling snow. Across the fields

             of mourning. Lights in the distance...Oh, don't sorrow. No, don't weep. For tonight,

                                                       at last, I am coming home. I am coming home...'

                                                                         ('A sort of homecoming') by Paul Hewson, a.k.a. Bono, U2


Create your own oasis of calm and cosiness: both our solid oak flooring and tables form a natural base for your interior, in all simplicity. You will then be able to decorate your house exactly the way you have always imagined. No matter what your taste or budget is, the possibilities are endless!


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